Utilizing little segments of tape, append the primary top pieces to the highest point of the cardstock barrel. For the main top you need to tape the distance around and ensure you have a decent seal. Cover the electrical tape marginally and squeeze it down solidly.

For the second top, put it over the primary (ensure the squares are arranged) you have to leave an around 1.25″ opening on inverse sides of the square. In the photograph over the red bolts show the range that remaining parts untaped. For a better tutorial on this specific aspect, check out trade show headshots Boston. On the off chance that you don’t leave the 1.25″ crevice on every side then you won’t have the capacity to slide the bokeh formats in.

Presently is an awesome time to strengthen the entire structure. On the off chance that the hood isn’t as of now on the can, now is an incredible time to slide it on. Wrap the whole barrel with tape and twofold watch that every one of the creases are solid and the tape is pushed down.

Now all that is left to do is make the bokeh formats. Utilizing similar card stock, cut a progression of strips. Our strips were 3.25″ long by 1.25″ wide. 1.25″ is a decent width for the 1″ window we cut in the tops, conform the width to fit your focal point—you need simply enough cover on every side of the barrel to make embeddings and evacuating the slides simple.

When you have a couple strips cut you can begin making your bokeh shapes. We had a little art punch available which we used to punch out the star shape found in the photograph above. We additionally utilized a razor blade to remove different shapes including some smiley faces and a Christmas tree.

The huge thing to remember is that the cut out for the bokeh shouldn’t be too enormous or too little. On the off chance that you make it too little you diminish the measure of light coming into the focal point so much that the photograph will be underexposed. In the event that you make the set pattern too enormous then the shape won’t be promptly identifiable in the photograph. A thought measure in case you’re utilizing a 1.8 focal point is around 15-20mm wide. In case you’re utilizing a focal point with a higher opening worth like 3.5/f you might need to modify your size as needs be. In the event that you need to mistake in one course, excessively enormous is desirable over excessively little as a blurrier bokeh highlight is more perfect than too minimal light getting into the camera.

When you have a couple shapes punched out it’s an ideal opportunity to test the bokeh hood!